Drip irrigation products


Driplines / Thin wall thickness:


Large turbulent flow path emitters are welded into Eolos dripline using only the highest grade resins, Wide range of: wall thicknesses, emitter flows and spacing in 17mm diameters. Ideal applications include vegetable crops, greenhouses, open field crops other row crops. Suitable forr both surface and shallow subsurface.

Eolos compact

The most economical solution for row crops. Available in different models: wall thickness, emitter flows and spacing.


Etape is the solution to the challenges faced by growers. Tape with unique labyrinth design allowing a high resistance to clogging. E-tape is available in various lengths, wall thicknesses and flow rates; to meet the individual grower’s needs.

Driplines / Thick wall thickness

Eolos LS Junior

Multi-seasonal heavy duty driplines; Available in different thicknesses, emitter flows and spacings. Ideal for row crops and open field crops.

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