Established in 2012, Caremena is an offshore agricultural company based in Lebanon that supports the expansion of the commercial presence in the region.  A dynamic company that aims to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector overall the MENA region.

Caremena is committed in bringing to farmers the latest practical technologies in order to help them optimize their resources thus increasing the profitability.

As a solution provider, Caremena offers a wide range of high quality products, including hybrid seeds, mineral & organic Fertilizers, Pesticides, Irrigation pipes, agri-films in addition to pest control.

Caremena partnership with multinational reliable suppliers & experts and collaboration with the international/national research centers and cooperates with ministries of agriculture and the NGOs, makes it one of the leading team players in the development of the agricultural sector in the countries it operates in.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship is fundamental to Caremena’s core beliefs. We manage our land in a sustainable manner and evaluate the effect of changing land uses while considering new opportunities.